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Grey Goose

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//Grey Goose

The Objective

The Objective the assignment, the objective, and the target for the display. Grey Goose came to us with a vision and a short description. To make a display that would be reminiscent of a french market. We didn't have much to go on other than they were going to start using their new wheat pattern which should be representated in the dislpay and of course their famous blue color. The case should be flexible and easy to convert from a locked to unlocked dislpay and hold bottles from 750ml to 1.5L.

Grey Goose Case Display

The Work

Our design process started with thinking about a classic market vendor and the materials that were used. One of the main elements of any open market is a canopy to protect the vendor and their items. We knew a canopy would have to be part of the design as well as wood since we wanted to evoke a classic vendor stand. Protecting the bottles while allowing for them to be shown off as well as providing enough space for branding was the second challenge. We decided to have the display open on two sides showing off the bottles in both directions but, if it was placed along a wall the display would still look like it fits and all the bottles would still be accessible. This lead us to design the display with a flow through shelf raised to engage the consumer at eye level and use the side panels to create branding space. The side space gave us so much real estate for branding we decided instead of a static branding we provided the client with a magnetic color matched panel frame with wood molding. This way the branding looks like it a completely matched and part of the display (with no clips or screws showing) but can be changed for new product launches or programs. Finally the use of the light oak wood on the inside of the shelves helped lighten the interior of the shelves and provide a luxury finish.

The Results

compliance, sales results, and overall success for the display.
Grey Goose is a very particular brand especially about their POS and Display goods making sure that anything that has a Grey Goose logo has the use of the best materials and designs. So when the brand picked our design out of the many other submissions we were very proud of this accomplishment. To us it showed that not only our design was at the level of this prestigious brand brand but we also understood everything the brand wanted to accomplish with the display and executed it to perfection. Unfortunately as a design and manufacturing company market data is not shared with us but from an original order of 300 displays to a total of over 800 units and continues to be Grey Gooses main display.

Client Review.

" Curabitur convallis fringilla diam sed aliquam. Sed tempor iaculis massa faucibus feugiat. In fermentum facilisis massa, a consequat purus viverra. "

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